The Research Management and Development Unit of DOH 02 successfully launched their 2019 Call for Proposals during their Cagayan Valley Regional Health Research Summit on December 07, 2018.

All RESEARCH ENTHUSIAST especially those in the health sector and academe who are inclined to health-related studies, are encouraged to submit their research proposals on or before January 16, 2019 through the Research Management and Development Unit or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The proposals must be based on the following priority areas:
Area 1: Infectious and Communicable Diseases (HIV, TB, Dengue)
Area 2: Emergency Response, Disaster Risk Reduction Management for
Health and Climate Change Adaptation
Area 3: Maternal and Child Health (Maternal, Infant, and under Five 
Mortality, FIC)
Area 4: Non-communicable Diseases
Area 5: Drug Discovery and Development
Area 6: Health Governance and Management
Area 7: Health Financing
Area 8: Sexual and Reproductive Health
Area 9: Health Technology Development and Innovation
Area 10: Traditional, Alternative and Complementary Medicine
Area 11: Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods

 Source: RMD DOH R0II. (2018, December 14).RMD-DOH II 2019 Call for Proposal.Retrieved from: