Department of Science and Technology- Philippine Council for Health Research and Development celebrated its 37th anniversary concurrence with the discussion of the issues and the opportunities that confronts Health Research in Industry 4.0 at PICC, Pasay on March 14, 2019.

Industry 4.0 is believed to bring international experts to showcase what others are doing under it, particularly in the field of Health.

The academe, policymakers, private sectors, and civil society representatives are the expected participants to converse on how Philippines can take advantage of the opportunities and manage the risks emerging from Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIR).

Additionally, CVHRDC member Dr. Eladio S. Gumabay presented the CVHRDC-RICUC 2018 Accomplishment during its preconference.

Furthermore, CVMC- Research Ethics Review Committee and RIITMC- Institutional Review Board were officially recognized as Level 2 Research Ethics Committee by the Philippine Health Research Ethics Board (PHREB).

Meanwhile, 13 regions competed for the best presenter for three-minute pitch of policy makers wherein, Dr. Guia G. Comillas represented CVHRDC with the policy entitled, "Sustain the AIDERS Program for a better Philippines", which is an assessment of the Department of Health-Aiders Program and Performance of TB Aiders in Region 2.

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